What is BreakingThrough?

STOP - Stop and smell the roses - it could trigger a breakthrough!How often do we achieve a ‘breakthrough’, only to discover that the satisfaction we expected to derive from achieving our goal is short-lived – and we’re soon planning our next destination?

Our culture focuses very much on the destination, rather than the journey.

Achieving a ‘breakthrough’ and the process of BreakingThrough are inseparable.

The very act of achieving a ‘breakthrough’ or arriving at our destination, means there’s been some kind of journey leading up to experiencing that outcome.

The existence of one makes the other possible.

Rather than focus only on our desired outcome, in BreakingThrough we focus equally on the journey of ‘bridging the gap’ between where we are – and our chosen destination.

In each and every moment, we are making BreakingThrough choices that either spiral us towards our intended outcome – or away from it.

Think of the ‘ing’ in BreakingThrough as an acronym for ‘Integrating New Growth’ on the way to achieving a breakthrough.

Why might the ‘ing’ piece (Integrating New Growth) be important? Think of it as your recipe for achieving a breakthrough. Let’s explore some of the ‘ing’redients for breakthrough mastery using the acronym of P.A.C.E.

1. PRESENCE: We need to be ‘present’ in each step of our journey to create a solid foundation so that our breakthrough is sustainable.
2. AWARENESS: Integrating what we learn along the way raises our level of awareness exponentially, preparing us for the new.
3. CONNECTION: With awareness, we embrace the concept of interconnectedness and experience everything and everyone as an integral part of realising our breakthrough.
4. ENJOYMENT: Integrating our learning along the way determines how much we – and others close to us – enjoy the journey – and can celebrate the outcome.

Why is our P.A.C.E important?

Because it opens us to the possibility of an outcome that’s even brighter and better than we could envisage when we first set out on the journey.

How’s your P.A.C.E? Do you have deadlines and push yourself beyond your limits to ‘arrive’, and deal with the consequences later – or do you stop and smell the roses along the way?

About Jennifer Moalem

Jennifer Moalem brings more than 25 years of exploration and pioneering in the field of human potential and Energy Psychology. Combining her passion and skill, BreakingThrough empowers individuals to attain their highest potential, both personally and professionally.
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