the art of breakingthrough




The Art of BreakingThrough

The WavePower Way

In the ‘gap’ between where we are and where we aspire to be, exists a kaleidoscope of infinite, and as yet unimagined, possibilities.

How often do we achieve a ‘breakthrough’, only to discover that the satisfaction we expected to derive from achieving our goal is short-lived – and we’re soon planning our next destination?

As we ‘bridge the gap’ between ‘here’ and whatever ‘there’ we’re aspiring to reach, how do we ensure we’re moving in the direction of growing and evolving, rather than simply repeating old patterns?

This journey of BreakingThrough matters!

In this experiential workshop you will:

  • discover what energises you and what de-energises you as an individual
  • understand how relating with others or working in a team can impact your energy levels and performance positively or negatively and how to change it
  • discover whether you are in alignment with your personal goals and intentions
  • reveal how individual patterns in a team or group can either enhance or block achievement of team and/or personal goals
  • learn how to move out of resonance with ‘blocks’ and into alignment with dynamics that are beneficial to all
  • access an instant sense of calm and congruence at any time through a simple, but powerful ‘tuning in’ technique
  • learn which of the four ‘brains’ is your dominant mode and how to access greater clarity instantly
  • identify and release disharmonious and repetitive habits and patterns that cause pain, stress and anxiety
  • experience the power of inner coherence
  • learn how to resource and strengthen your energy levels and reserves
  • learn techniques to effortlessly meet unexpected, ‘out of your comfort zone’ experiences
  • understand how to be in the ‘zone’ and what to do when it feels like you’re not
  • advance beyond ‘going with the flow’ to ‘guide the flow’
  • learn how to relax in the face of what ‘appears’ to be chaos … and how to activate a new potential of a higher order


Retreat Option

This event can be run over one or more days, for individuals or teams. Jennifer partners with an international network of mentors, facilitators, executive coaches and trainers who support Breakingthrough and ‘making a difference’ with their specific areas of expertise. Whatever the brief (eg. leadership, values, vision, corporate wellness, etc.), every retreat is unique and designed to meet the needs of the individual or organisation.


jennifer-moallemJENNIFER MOALEM
BA. Dip Ed. Dip TAT, MACA

Jennifer empowers her clients to create ‘breakthroughs’ that are ongoing and sustainable in all areas of their lives – from career and relationships, to finances and health.

She has devoted more than 25 years to exploring a variety of complementary therapies and technologies including nutrition, kinesiology, reiki, autogenic therapy, transpersonal art therapy, shiatsu, reflexology, essential oils, emotional release work, and conflict resolution, as well as numerous other areas in the field of human potential. She is passionate about sharing with others the skills that she’s learned and evolved as part of her own healing journey.

As a registered counsellor and practitioner of Resonance Repatterning®, she uses Young Living Essential Oils as part of her extensive range of modalities.


The content and duration of this seminar can be adapted to meet the needs of any group. It can be delivered in small groups face-to-face, online as webinars, or integrated into a larger event or conference.

Contact:   For information, call Jenny on (02) 9389 8915 / 0411 543 733

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