the power of pure essential oils




The Power of Pure Essential Oils

natural-oilsAn understanding of how to use pure, natural essential oils supports BreakingThrough at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels – both personally and professionally.

At The Power of Pure Essential Oils you will…

  • gain confidence in using essential oils on yourself and with others
  • expand your knowledge about the beneficial properties and uses of essential oils
  • learn how to distinguish products that incorporate pure, natural essential oils from those that contain toxic synthetic fragrances
  • learn simple techniques for selecting the specific oils that you need
  • learn how to build your personal ‘resource kit’ for self-care and caring for your family
  • learn simple and practical ‘hands-on’ techniques using essential oils that you can perform for self-care … these techniques can also be used on others
  • have an opportunity to receive a ‘tune-up’ in a live demonstration of the Living Energy Tune-Up technique
  • have time to ask questions

You may attend any or all of the presentations / modules below:

Everyday Oils

– how to use essential oils to deal with ‘situations’ in everyday life

Dealing with Feelings

– how to use essential oils to support your emotions

Supporting Your Immunity

– how to use essential oils to protect your family, and deal with those winter coughs and colds

Eliminating Toxic Overload

– how to identify toxins in personal care, skincare, oral care and cleaning products and use safe essential-oil based alternatives

Biorhythms and Essential Oils

– how to support your body’s natural physical, emotional and intellectual cycles for more energy and better relationships. (learn more)


jennifer-moallemJENNIFER MOALEM
BA. Dip Ed. Dip TAT, MACA

Jennifer empowers her clients to create ‘breakthroughs’ that are ongoing and sustainable in all areas of their lives – from career and relationships, to finances and health.

She has devoted more than 25 years to exploring a variety of complementary therapies and technologies including nutrition, kinesiology, reiki, autogenic therapy, transpersonal art therapy, shiatsu, reflexology, essential oils, emotional release work, and conflict resolution, as well as numerous other areas in the field of human potential. She is passionate about sharing with others the skills that she’s learned and evolved as part of her own healing journey.

As a registered counsellor and practitioner of Resonance Repatterning®, she uses Young Living Essential Oils as part of her extensive range of modalities.


The content and duration of The Power of Pure Essential Oils can be adapted to meet the needs of any group. It’s equally effective as a one-day seminar or as separate modules. The content can be delivered in small groups face-to-face, online as webinars, or integrated into a larger event or conference.

Contact:   Jenny on (02) 9389 8915 / 0411 543 733

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