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Prevention is better – and far less costly – than treatment

Not so ‘scent’sational

The integrative way: you’re part of the ‘whole’ picture

Who do you trust?

The power of Nature

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to the healthiest possible you!

Sometimes we reach a place in life where the old ways no longer work. It may be that we don’t have quite so much latitude around what our body can tolerate, whether it’s a ‘big’ night out – or just our usual exercise regime.

Or we might have a little ‘wake-up call’ in the form of a symptom that demands our attention.

Our culture rewards ‘soldiering on’ through such inconvenient events. However ignoring those little red flashing lights on the dashboard is not a definition of health. Nor does it prove that we are resilient. Medicating symptoms while you continue to go to work is very different to not being susceptible to that bug going around the office or at your child’s school in the first place.

To build true resilience in our health and wellbeing…

Prevention is better – and far less costly – than treatment

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Ultimately, one of the most important things we can do is to reduce our exposure to toxins. We can definitely boost our chances of staying fit and well by taking responsibility for what we put into and onto our bodies. Whilst we may not be able to control what we’re exposed to in our environment, we can monitor what we choose to bring into our homes – and to some extent, our workplace.

Not so ‘scent’sational

Everywhere we go these days we are bombarded with synthetic aromas. Whether it’s walking down the cleaning and personal care aisles in the supermarket, entering a hotel room, being subjected to scented candles burning in stores, or just using the bathroom in a shopping mall!

The impact of these toxic synthetic chemicals is cumulative – sooner or later we will pay. It’s hard to predict the timing, because we all have different thresholds and tolerance levels. The ‘grace period’ you have is different than that of your children – and your pets. It can be days, months or years, but one thing is for sure – eventually these toxins make us sick. Literally overnight the load can become too much for the body to manage.

When something in our body ‘breaks down’, we almost never make the connection with that little red flashing light on the dashboard that we conveniently ‘medicated’ away all those weeks, months or years ago.

When our pets get sick, we rarely consider that the culprit might be our home – the toxic cleaning product they’ve been licking off our kitchen floors and that they’ve absorbed every day through their paws – or the weed-killer sprayed on our lawns.

That designer perfume or cologne, room deodoriser, moisturiser, toothpaste or fresh-scented cleaning product might not feel like it’s affecting you right now. And most likely, the artificial sweeteners and colourings in that diet cola, protein shake or snack bar won’t impact you immediately either (… unless you are one of the growing number of ‘sensitives’).

However, when it comes to your health, compounding operates in the same way as in your bank account. Lightening the load now is like putting a penny in the bank every day of the month – with interest. If you only invest randomly in your health (with an occasional green drink, detox, or a few ‘natural’ products) and draw down massively on your savings (with bingeing, fast food, GMOs, synthetic personal care products and other unhealthy habits), how can you expect health and wellbeing in the future?

The integrative way – you’re part of the ‘whole’ picture

Those ‘mystery’ symptoms that arrive ‘out of the blue’ might be a surprise to you – but your integrative health practitioner will be able to join the dots.

Whereas allopathic medicine focuses on diagnosing and ‘treating’ symptoms, an integrative approach embraces the entire health spectrum, starting with prevention.

Integrative medicine, backed by both modern science and ancient wisdom, tells us that everything is interconnected. We are not only affected by what we ingest, but also what we apply on our bodies. Our skin, the largest organ in our body, is usually a great indicator of what’s going on inside. We want to be glowing with health – naturally!

Who do you trust?

When it comes to being smart about our health, it’s up to us to educate ourselves – and to be discerning. Unfortunately, that means wading through marketing hype and resisting advertising and trends. Seeing ‘healthy’, ‘pure’, ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ on a label is not a guarantee of quality. It also doesn’t necessarily mean that something is good for us. Products labelled ‘unscented’ might sound safer, but often contain an artificial masking fragrance to hide the smell of other ingredients.

We need to take responsibility for our choices. That includes things like checking lists of ingredients, reading the fine print, knowing where items are grown or sourced, and sometimes even researching packaging materials in order to avoid toxins. And yes… this can be time-consuming and tedious.

The power of Nature

Melissa growing at St MariesNature is a powerful resource when it comes to our health. Plants, herbal extracts and essential oils have played a significant part in health, beauty and spiritual rituals in cultures all over the world for thousands of years.

Modern science continues to research the benefits of plants to isolate and extract their ‘active constituents’. New advances in technology mean that once identified, many of these ‘active constituents’ can be synthetically reproduced.

Aromas can be replicated in a laboratory far more cheaply than they can be grown and distilled. In ninety nine percent of cases, what’s labelled as pure ‘essential oil’ is not natural – but has been cut, extended or adulterated in some way. This is so commonplace in the industry now that a distinction is rarely made between natural and synthetic – however, your body knows!

Just remember that if the label reads ‘fragrance’, it’s synthetic. Beyond that, if you want to know whether any ‘essential oil’ is natural, you can start by asking whether the company owns farms – and whether you can visit their distillery? You will have your answers right there…

It’s truly a blessing when we find people, products and companies we can trust.

Taking positive action… naturally

A family in a lavender fieldA BreakingThrough approach to success, whether in business, relationship – or health – isn’t just about ‘fighting’ and ‘conquering’ problems or symptoms.

When we truly resonate with health and self-care, our reality changes – and we experience increasing levels of wellbeing. Making more positive, life-affirming choices comes naturally.

When it comes to BreakingThrough, one of the best investments we can make is using pure essential oils to support physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

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