the art of quantum self-care with essential oils

Participants’ Feedback




The Art of Quantum Self-Care

with essential oils

Imagine having…

  • the skills and confidence to use essential oils to ‘make a difference’ in minutes
  • a simple way to energise and balance your Self… and care for your family

Even if you have no prior experience using essential oils, learning how to access their Quantum potentiality – with ‘wave’ power – adds a whole new dimension that amplifies their benefits for you… and those you love!

According to world-renowned expert and Founder of Young Living Essential Oils, Dr Gary Young, “It’s impossible to learn everything there is to know about essential oils!”

And thankfully, there’s also a much easier way.

Your body can tell you exactly WHAT essential oils to use…

And also, WHERE and HOW to use them!

This empowering and fun one-day workshop gives you extraordinary self-care skills. Using pure, 100% natural, therapeutic-grade essential oils, you’ll have the tools to create harmony in your body-mind system at any time.

You will learn, and more importantly, experience:

  • simple techniques to ‘tune in’ and ‘centre’ yourself
  • ways of ‘asking’ your body-mind system which essential oils are right for you
  • how to identify specifically where and how to apply your essential oils
  • how to access and apply information from the Essential Oils Desk Reference
  • how to perform the ‘Auricular Technique’ using essential oils and
  • how to use essential oils to shift your energy with the Living Energy Tune-Up

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live!
– Jim Rohn

What participants have said

I came away from the day feeling fantastic – and very inspired to keep using the Living Energy Tune-Up. As a busy working Mum, it’s meant so much to me having a tool that empowers me to make such a fast shift! Using Jennifer’s Quantum approach with the oils, I instantly feel calmer – and also re-energised. I’ve continued to ‘tune in’ and ‘tune-up’ on a regular basis – at the very least weekly – and the benefits are cumulative. My husband has really noticed the difference, too! The Living Energy Tune-Up is a very powerful process!
D.L, Sydney

This course provided me with the confidence and clarity I needed to get the absolute very best out of my Young Living essential oils.
S.P, Qld

I have been using essential oils for three years and have wanted to know more about their use and benefits. Today really gave me the tools, ie. the Living Energy Tune-Up – and expanded my knowledge on the uses of the oils. Today was just the start. I now know how to effectively identify what oils are best suited to me and the most appropriate application.
M.M, Sydney

The Living Energy Tune Up worked to clear my headache at the workshop. I’ve been doing at least one Living Energy Tune-Up process each day since I received my oils and I found it particularly helpful after a session with my osteopath who has been using craniosacral to heal my neck. A session with him seems to bring up “old stuff” which I find easier to manage now that I have started to apply the oils in the way we learned at the workshop.
J.H, Canberra

There’s so much more to these oils than I was aware of previously – they feel very important to use – I think it is going to be a journey of discovery and great delight. I perceive an enormous benefit will come out of using them. Thanks for making it such an interesting and informative day.
L.R. Sydney

The Living Energy Tune-Up is great, I experienced a powerful shift. I will practice what I have learned from this workshop on myself, my family and with others to spread the word more powerfully. Many thanks for the opportunity.
D.S, Sydney

I have been encouraged to listen to my body and act on responses with confidence. It’s good to learn so many different ways to check what’s relevant to my wellbeing. The personal and specific nature of dealing with issues is easy to follow, practical and allows for the nature of individual differences. Thanks for your valuable session!
L.F, Qld

The discovery of sitting with myself and taking the time to ‘tune in’ was sheer joy. I found the Living Energy Tune-Up easy and will be using it. I feel confident to use it on others and intend to further develop my own skills and knowledge. My confidence is already greater after today. I am more aligned with the oils as they relate to benefiting my own evolution. Thank you.
B.T, Sydney

Thanks for a great day, I really got a lot out of it. A few days after the workshop, when I was struggling to get motivated because of the heat, I used the Living Energy Tune-Up – ha ha – what did I need? BrainPower! It’s amazing, I got heaps of computer stuff and bookwork done, and felt so much more productive.
D.S, Gold Coast

Going through the complete experience of learning and applying this technique with the oils, the satisfaction of being able to help myself and knowing that I have all the answers within is very empowering. I am hoping the Living Energy Tune-Up becomes a part of my daily process in tuning into my body and helping release old patterns and emotions. I’m excited by the possibilities.
S.C, Sydney

I loved the Living Energy Tune-Up – what’s extraordinary is the large concepts and ideas and bringing them together in an easy, useable technique to take home!
M.C, Byron Bay


jennifer-moallemJENNIFER MOALEM
BA. Dip Ed. Dip TAT, MACA

Jennifer empowers her clients to create ‘breakthroughs’ that are ongoing and sustainable in all areas of their lives – from career and relationships, to finances and health.

She has devoted more than 25 years to exploring a variety of complementary therapies and technologies including nutrition, kinesiology, reiki, autogenic therapy, transpersonal art therapy, shiatsu, reflexology, essential oils, emotional release work, and conflict resolution, as well as numerous other areas in the field of human potential. She is passionate about sharing with others the skills that she’s learned and evolved as part of her own healing journey.

As a registered counsellor and practitioner of Resonance Repatterning®, she uses Young Living Essential Oils as part of her extensive range of modalities.


Date: Call or email Jenny to register your interest and be notified of upcoming dates.
Includes: Living Energy Tune-Up manual
Morning and afternoon tea
Bring: In order to experience the process on the day, you’ll need to have your own Everyday Oils Collection. This collection of nine essential oils (or an equivalent Young Living selection of essential oils) is a prerequisite for attending. It’s possible to order online and receive 24% discount, but there’s an even better way. Download the forms below and save an additional $45.
Contact:  For information, call Jenny on (02) 9389 8915 / 0411 543 733

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