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REAL.I.SING Your Natural Voice

Express who you are with crystal clarity

Unfolding GoddessWhat happens in your mind and your body when you are asked to ‘lead’, to ‘present’, or to ‘solve’ a problem? Or when you’re expected to ‘perform’ in some way? Or ‘deliver’ a result?

Especially when there’s a deadline? Or when there are people judging you?

How do you feel about your creative self-expression under pressure – or scrutiny?

Whether it’s ‘performing’ as a leader or an entrepreneur – or whether it’s writing, drawing, singing, acting, playing an instrument, dancing, a sport, or some other skill – there may be some areas where your self-expression is blocked and where you are not operating at your full potential. This is one area where ‘will’power, no matter how much you practice your skill or craft, can only make a limited amount of difference.

Accessing your authentic ‘voice’ is both a metaphor and an access point for all aspects of your creativity. No-one else has your unique voice, or your unique gifts and talents. Linking your voice with the skills you wish to evolve is a key to unlocking the ‘wave’power (or resonance) that allows us to access new and higher levels of performance on all levels.

No matter what you believe about your ‘voice’ or ‘self-expression’, or what have you been told about it in the past…

At your core, there is crystal clarity.

If you have any judgments around your ‘voice’, chances are you also have them around yourself and your performance in some area. You may be holding ‘patterns’ in your body-mind field that prevent you from ‘tuning in’ to your core authentic voice – and expressing your unique creativity, gifts and skills. These patterns are simply clusters of beliefs, attitudes and past experiences that create disharmony and de-energise you.

The content of these two days is determined according to what is needed to resolve the specific patterns that stand between you and the ‘voice’ – and life – you want. The result is that you are free to express more naturally and more fully…

  • who you want to be as a person
  • how you want to be in your relationships …
  • what you want to achieve and contribute in your life.

What is the breakthrough that you currently don’t think or believe is possible…?

The breakthrough that would give you the edge?…
A breakthrough that would inspire others to change or transform in some positive way?

Attending ‘Real.I.Sing’ Your Natural Voice is not about singing in key – it’s about unlocking the difference your one voice can make.


Alas for those who never sing and die with all their music in them.
Oliver Wendell Holmes

What participants have said

I’ve realised that there’s no such thing as ‘can’t sing’ – only blocks, restrictions and fear. The greatest learning is that my voice is perfect for me. I am perfect just as I am.

I learned that I actually do know – and now CAN sing – my own song! I experienced that I am safe, loved, loving, and beloved just as I AM. Being. This was a deeply heart-centred, connected and empowering weekend in a space of honouring all the richness of who we are. You are a wonderful team.

I recognised that my voice is a complete and total expression of who I am – my essence. I feel more complete. I discovered voice techniques, pushed my boundaries, and moved beyond limiting perceptions of myself and my voice. I feel like a veil has lifted and I am now able to step forward totally supporting myself.

I found that I can trust my voice and honour the sounds my voice makes when my intentions are to heal and empower myself, and others. Thank you for a precious time.

I discovered that we can all sing… that I can access my voice with intention, and that power comes with opening in a relaxed way and injecting intention… a great metaphor for many activities.

Thank you for a fulfilling and insightful weekend. It has opened me in ways that I cannot express.


jennifer-moallemJENNIFER MOALEM
BA. Dip Ed. Dip TAT, MACA

Jennifer empowers her clients to create ‘breakthroughs’ that are ongoing and sustainable in all areas of their lives – from career and relationships, to finances and health.

She has devoted more than 25 years to exploring a variety of complementary therapies and technologies including nutrition, kinesiology, reiki, autogenic therapy, transpersonal art therapy, shiatsu, reflexology, essential oils, emotional release work, and conflict resolution, as well as numerous other areas in the field of human potential. She is passionate about sharing with others the skills that she’s learned and evolved as part of her own healing journey.

As a registered counsellor and practitioner of Resonance Repatterning®, she uses Young Living Essential Oils as part of her extensive range of modalities.


The content and duration of this seminar can be adapted to meet the needs of any group. It’s equally effective as a one-day seminar or as separate modules. The content can be delivered in small groups face-to-face, online as webinars, or integrated into a larger event or conference.

Contact:   For information, call Jenny on (02) 9389 8915 / 0411 543 733

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